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Cam’Ron takes shots at Kanye West on “Coleslaw.”

Yesterday, Dipset legend Cam’Ron came through with The Program, and all those impatient Killa Season 2 fans got a little bit more forgiving.

The project, which features production from Araab Muzik & Just Blaze, is basically fifteen tracks of Harlem heat, and Cam’Ron hasn’t appeared to have lost a step.

In fact, he is so unabashedly himself that any fears of an older Cam’Ron attempting to switch up his style for new fans should swiftly be alleviated.

The Program is strictly for the Killa Cam fans who grew up with Dipset, who can remember the glorious reign of “Oh Boy,” and who remember an era when it wasn’t a faux pas to utter his signature phrase “no homo.”

Speaking of which, Cam’Ron is unapologetic as ever on “Coleslaw,” which finds him opening the track with a few scathing shots at former labelmate and producer Kanye West.

“Kanye got on stage, what he do? play Jay-Z out?” raps Cam, no fucks given “What he do next? Check into the crazy house?” It’s hard to blame Cam’Ron for going beast mode on this one – after all, the beat certainly encourages it.

They don’t seem to make production like this anymore, and the frantic drums are reminiscent of something you might have heard in the late nineties or early millennium. Pure heat, especially if you have any sort of fondness for that era.

As for Cam’s performance, he basically rolls through with the slow-burning flow and clever vernacular, sounding like who’s laughing at you rather than with you.

And yes, he does deliver his iconic, and controversial saying: “You gettin’ money? Say word? That ain’t accurate,” raps Cam’Ron.

“No promo, but no homo, I ain’t jackin’ it!” If you’re feeling this, be sure to check out The Program in full. There’s plenty more where that came from.

Quotable Lyrics

But peep the details, it’s me weed and females
Two to be exact, I met em’ doin’ some retail
Chanel bags, both had on Adidas with the seashells
Asked em’ what they do, both said real estate and weed sales

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